This unique section is supposed to familiarize the Mastercard OFF CAMERA audience with Norwegian and Icelandic cinematography, which still remain largely unknown in Poland. Selected in close collaboration with programmers of the prestigious Bergen International Film Festival – these films represent all that’s the most interesting and widely discussed in terms of Nordic cinema. Starting from themes around the complicated social and historical past, through highs and lows of the romantic relations, as well as systemic traps originating from the power of oppressive institutions. These productions, shot over the last couple of years, are the review of the latest achievements of Nordic cinematography, which is associated in the Middle-Eastern Europe only with very few directors, who won international publicity. It’s high time that we opened the “Nordic Horizons” for the Polish audiences and  allow it to check out on their own how much they’ve got to offer. To see with one’s own eyes how to juxtapose subtle sense of humor with a piercing gaze and with how to talk, with great sensitivity, about difficult social and cultural matters.



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