American cinema has always been very much about stories. Stories that stimulate the imagination, are bold and, above all, diverse. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, at other times a little more serious, they portray characters entangled in various traps, the ups and downs of life overseas. Although the protagonists’ reality is changing as dynamically as the American landscape, they will not hesitate to fulfil their dreams, cross borders and live their own lives. No wonder, because who wouldn't want to confront the mythical American dream? The search for one's own path and courageous self-expression is something common to both film characters and rebellious creators. It is no coincidence that the United States has become the cradle of independent cinema, associated with unfettered artistic freedom. It is there, with the iconic Sundance Film Festival at the forefront, that we seek out films for this section – ones that seep straight into the body through the screen.

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