The experience of the pandemic has affected every area of our lives, from finances to mental health. For many people the lockdown was a defining moment, but also a time when frustrations, fears and anxieties increasingly came to the surface. The narratives spun by the media didn’t help, often aggravating our stress. We live in a time when we’re constantly bombarded with information and it can become too much to handle, taking a toll on our psyches. Fortunately this is no longer a taboo subject or something to be ashamed of. Neuroses, disorders and depression as a lifestyle disease are being more openly and publicly discussed, in large part because famous and highly respected people have been willing to come out. Cinema has always been drawn to neurotic, complex characters, and while sensitivity might seem to be a liability, these representations are often positive and touching, full of humanism, warmth and empathy. In this year's section of Mastercard OFF CAMERA we reflect on the importance of mental health in these difficult times, and show that what seems to be a weakness can be turned into real strength.

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