Kim Magnusson

In 1995 he founded M&M Productions with his father, Tivi Magnusson. Headhunted to run Nordisk Film’s Film Division as CEO from 2003 – 2009. In the years 1995-2021 he has produced or EP’ed more than 140 films such as:, I KILL GIANTS, MEN&CHICKEN, THE GREEN BUTCHERS, ADAM’S APPLES, HEADHUNTER, TERKEL IN TROUBLE, WORLDS APART, R, PUSHER II &P III. He has been Oscar® nominated in the category “Live Action Short Film” six times, and won the coveted award 2 times, in 1999 for ELECTION NIGHT and in 2014 for HELIUM. Kim Magnusson has been the chairman of the Danish Producers Association for 9 years (most ever), as well as chairman of the Danish Film Academy for 20 yrs. Kim is a voting member of AMPAS® and as well as both The Danish and The European Film Academy. In 2010 he launched Dansk Film Kompagni to develop and produce high-end, commercial-driven film for the international market. In Los Angeles, USA, he has multiple projects in development incl. LAST WITNESS, optioned by 20th Century Fox. Lately he has been part of forming Scandinavian Film Funds, which has raised $16M to fund a New Pan-Nordic distribution company SCANDINAVIAN Film Distribution, where Kim is head of Creative & development, and latest launched Tales Inc. – together with Christian Bévort, who currently are in production with The Cake Dynasty (KAGEFABRIKKEN) by Christian Lollike

Additional information:

- European Film Companies Alliance – Chairman of The Board. 2003-2007

- The Producer Association of Denmark - Chairman of the Board .2001-2009

- The Danish Film Academy – Chairman of the Board 1999 – 2019

- Member of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science (USA)

- Member of The European Film Academy.

- Board member of European Film College 2004 - 2006

Award history:

Academy Award – Oscar® Nominations – personal for Kim Magnusson :

“SILENT NIGHTS”, Aske Bang (Best Live-Action Short film) 2017

“HELIUM”, Anders Walter (Best Live-Action Short film) 2014 *** Winner

“HELMER & SON”, Søren Pilmark (Best Live-Action Short film) 2007

“ELECTION NIGHT”, Anders Thomas Jensen (Best Live-Action Short film) 1998 *** Winner

“WOLFGANG“, Anders Thomas Jensen (Best Live-Action Short film) 1997

“ERNST & THE LIGHT”, Anders Thomas Jensen (Best Live-Action Short film) 1996

Academy Award – Oscar® winner for Best Live-Action Short film – Kim Magnusson and M&M :

 “HELIUM“, Anders Walter (Best Live-Action Short film) 2014

“THE NEW TENANTS” , Joachim Back (Best Live-Action Short film) 2009

“THIS CHARMING MAN”, Martin Strange-Hansen (Best Live-Action Short film) 2002

“ELECTION NIGHT “ , Anders Thomas Jensen (Best Live-Action Short film) 1998

Emmy Awards:

“ISLAND ON BIRD STREET “ , Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

- 3 Emmys for Best film, Director + new talent.

Gabriel Awards:

“ISLAND ON BIRD STREET “ , Søren Kragh-Jacobsen


“For outstanding achievement in cinema”

Berlin International film festival

“ISLAND ON BIRD STREET” winner of the Silver Bear for an outstanding single achievement (Zbigniew Preisner) and Jordan Kiziuk won an Honourable Mention for the film.

photo Krestine Havemann