Aquarius 2016 146 min.

Clara (played by the brilliant Sônia Braga) is a 65-year-old widow and a retired music critic. Born into a traditional, well-to-do family in the seaside town of Recife in northeastern Brazil, she’s a connoisseur of life. She’s free and independent, and enjoys good company. She’s also the last resident of the Aquarius, a two-story building erected in the 1940s for Recife’s upper class. All the neighboring apartments have been purchased by a powerful company that has plans for this particular plot of land. But Clara has no intention of moving, and she gets drawn into a guerilla warfare of sorts with the developer. The tension arising from the conflict disturbs Clara’s peace of mind, destroys her daily routine and forces her to reckon with her past and future. Kleber Mendonça Filho, the film’s director and screenwriter, paints a nostalgic picture of a reality that’s slowly fading away, filled with vivid color, charming interiors and breathtaking exteriors.

The screening of Aquarius will be accompanied by a special presentation of short films under the patronage of Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, Honorary Consul of the Federative Republic of Brazil. It will include ten titles from the FINC festival in Baia Formosa (Brazil) and three additional short films.

The Cradle of Champions/O Berço dos Campeões

The Cradle of Champions

dir. Thiago Canuto | 1’

The film portrays children dreaming of being surfers.



dir. Barbara Coelho Arenhaldt | 1’

In the waves of Baía Formosa, the boy Rei discovered his love for the sea, but before getting there, he faced many battles. What did he discover along the way? On top of the waves you can become a champion, in and out of the sea. Come enjoy this incredible journey with Levi.

The value of effort/O valor do esforço

The value of effort

dir. Gabriel Victor | 1’

A small child who enjoys following his older brother every day in search of gold in order to support his family gets inspired after watching a video he finds on the internet about the surfing phenomenon Italo Ferreira, who inspired the world with his glorious victory at the Tokyo Olympic Games.



dir. Thawan Magnata | 1’

The picker is on the beach looking for recyclable materials. When he finds a piece of wood, he ends up fulfilling a dream!

Gold change/Mudança de Ouro

Gold change

dir. Larissa Braga Duarte | 1’

A treasure map is found in Baía Formosa, however, the gold is not exactly what you would expect.

In my sertão the gold is the bread/No meu sertão ouro e pão

In my sertão the gold is the bread

dir. Manoel Dantas de Maria Neto | 1’

The movie takes place in a dry region in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte. A man who lives with the scarcity of water resulting from the low rainfall frequent in the region, goes out in search of ore, "gold", and luckily digging the dry earth, among the stones he finds water.

Valuable moment/Ápice valioso

​​​​Valuable moment

dir. Alexandre Fonseca | 1’

After two years of pandemic, being able to leave home and reconnect with nature, water and animals means experiencing the apex of a new stage of life. It is a moment that becomes valuable, as much as the representativeness imposed on gold. It's a new world, it's also the chance to realize the value of a simple and necessary breath.

The sleeping shrimp/Camarão que dorme

The sleeping shrimp

dir. Edmundo Duarte | 1’

Arthur Silva is a Paralympic athlete. Blind since adolescence, in judo he found a way to explore and express his strength. The sport brought passion as new meaning to Arthur's day until it took him to podiums around the world. The only courage that the mat requires is the richness of the fight.

Golden Work/Corre ouro

Golden Work

dir. Bárbaro Xavier | 1’

Uncertainties and obstacles of living in a metropolis. The only certainty is that: it is necessary to work and run so as not to be left behind.

Just Waves/Apenas ondas

Just Waves

reż./dir. Mickaelly Moreira | 1’

Just a melodic dream to survive amidst the chaos of the city.


Additonal short films:



dir. Mariana Ribeiro Prestes | 1’

Late afternoon, sunset. Three friends are playing on the beach with soap bubbles: Henrique, Josué and the Sun!!!

Narciso's Sea/Mar de Narcisio

Narciso's Sea

dir. Helio Pereira | 5’

It's impressive how much a kid can teach us - ordinary adults. Narciso, a local surfer from Baia Formosa, is able to say which is the best tide to surf at Pontal, how to get barreled, that life is not only winning and what good food means. A film to get delighted with BF and with a boy who has the entire ocean just to himself.

The Taste of the Nation/Sabor de Nação

The Taste of the Nation

dir. Diego Alves | 1’

The film depicts Brazilians through colours, tastes, smells: fruits, vegetables and seeds.

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Kleber Mendonça Filho

Kleber Mendonça Filho


Kleber Mendonça Filho


Pedro Sotero, Fabricio Tadeu


Sônia Braga, Maeve Jinkings, Irandhir Santos, Humberto Carrão, Zoraide Coleto



color, black and white
Mar de Plata FF - Best Actress (Sônia Braga), Audience Award; Sydney FF - Best Film; Palm Springs IFF - Directors to Watch AwardClara (played by the brilliant Sônia Braga) is a 65-year-old widow and a retired music critic. Born into a traditional, well-to
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