Fiona Weir, Helena Coan and Tonia Mishali – these three women will decide which Polish production will receive this year's PLN 100,000 from Dominika Kulczyk Productions. Which films will bring them closer to Polish cinematography? 

Let’s strike hard for the start. “Magnesia” by Maciej Bochnak is - similarly to his previous movie, “Disco Polo” - a real joyride, no holds barred! A Polish spaghetti western, which actually resembles more a Polish local dish of peas with cabbage than an Italian pasta dish, yet there is method in this madness! The Lewenfisz family gang, Soviet bandits, a mysterious accident, a murder in the act of passion, a bank robbery, the past, a parade of attractions - things are going to happen! 

Returns to good emotions is our specialty! Łukasz Grzegorzek is known to the off-camera audience for his great "Camper" and equally successful "A Coach's Daughter." This year we will see “My Wonderful Life” with Agata Buzek as the main character. The protagonist will fall into a real whirlwind of events connected with both work and private/family life. 

As usual, the competition will be filled with the energy of youth. “Love Tasting” is a refreshing debut of Dawid Nickel. Inspired by Anna Cieplak's novel "It's Supposed to Be Clean" (“Ma być czysto”), it is an unforced and movingly natural portrait of a milieu of teenagers taking their first steps towards adulthood. “Everyone Has a Summer” by Tomasz Jurkiewicz is billed as unpretentious image of a feeling brought by the summer. The lovers are played by actors of the young generation, whom the festival audience should already know well: Nicolas Przygoda (“Playground”, “Werewolf”) and Sandra Drzymalska (“Sexify” and “Love Tasting”). 

Our audience definitely loves films based on true stories. “25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomek Komenda” is a screen testimony of a story that shook the whole Poland. Jan Holoubek took on the unusual case of a man sentenced to 25 years in prison for a murder and rape that he did not commit. Memorable roles for Piotr Trojan as the son and Agata Kulesza as the mother, victims of the situation. 

A completely different approach to the criminal issues resulted in "The Getaway King” project. A colorful work by Mateusz Rakowicz is an action comedy whose screenplay was inspired by Zdzisław Najmrodzki, a legend of the communist Poland's underworld. Starring the master of screen metamorphoses - Dawid Ogrodnik. 

There are three more titles that will represent comedy. Aleksander Pietrzak, the director of "Julius", which enjoyed success at our festival two years ago, returns with the hit "Black Sheep," that will turn the life of one family upside down. “Beloved Neighbours” by Michał Grzybowski is an absurd story of two married couples, starring Marcin Dorociński. Sylwester Jakimow's "We’ll Be Fine" portrays three childhood friends, who are already in their thirties, but time has stood still for them: they still live in the same neighborhood, still with their parents and still try to figure out how to change their lives. 

We also take a look behind the scenes at the work of independent artists. “Amateurs” directed by Iwona Siekierzyńska, show us an unusual view of the world of theater. When the BRO Theater ("Biuro Rzeczy Osobistych") consisting of people with intellectual disabilities, wins the festival, they all face a great opportunity, but also a great challenge since the prize is the opportunity to make a professional production. On the other hand “Hurray, We Are Still Alive!” By Agnieszka Polska is an intriguing, quite experimental project. A group of (how else!) off authors awaits the return of a charismatic Director who disappeared without a trace. The wait favors the presentation of a gallery of extraordinary characters.

Text author
Monika Żelazko (transl. Zofia Januszewska-Rusinek)