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This year's fourteenth edition will be held in a hybrid form – in addition to theaters and outdoor screenings, we are offering the possibility of experiencing the film emotions at home, on smaller screens.

In fact all films of the main section "Making Way" and the section "American Indies" will be available on the platform. After making a payment by card, bank transfer or blik, you will receive a reservation for the screening of the selected film from these categories. The number of tickets is limited and the screenings will be available for all 10 Festival days. It is a perfect alternative for those who could not join us in Krakow. 

Thanks to PLAY KRAKÓW, the unique VOD platform of the City of Krakow, festival guests will also be able to watch films from the following three festival sections: LOVE ON THE BRAIN, DIFFERENT SHADES OF CRISIS and NORDIC HORIZONS. Among them there are last years' productions shown so far in limited distribution, such as Dan Johan Haugerud's "Barn", Benedikt Erlingsson's "Woman at War", Soda Yukiko's "Aristocrats" and Hlynur Palmason's "White, White Day", but also newer productions like "Light from the Chocolate Factory" by Dag Johan Haugerud and "Last and First Men" by recently deceased Icelandic composer, Johann Johansson. 

Similarly to the last few years, the film festival will be accompanied by the SerialCon organized by During the five days of the Festival those interested in the Polish TV series will be able to participate in thematic panels broadcast on Facebook, lectures available on the Player platform and special on-line workshops via the Zoom platform, including: meetings with actors, producers, directors of TV series content, interesting discussions and answers to substantial questions. 

The following discussion panels will take place on the first day: MALE ROLE and ADAPTATIONS, broadcast on the official SerialCon’s Fanpage directly from the Film City. Among the participants you will meet: Bartosz Gelner, Nikodem Rozbicki, Dorota Chamczyk, Violetta Furmaniuk-Zaorska and Łukasz Palkowski. Player will host a panel discussion on the continuation of the well-known Internet series "NEW CONTROL". Natasza Parzymies, Ada Chlebicka and Ewelina Pankowska will talk about the concept and new challenges of production.

As part of the workshop, whoever will be willing to can take part in the screenplay writing workshop by Katarzyna Śliwińska-Kłosowicz: "Crime series or how to make viewers addicted?", where they will have the opportunity to test their ideas and adapt them accordingly so that they can become the next engaging crime stories.

On the second day, the next panels to be broadcast will be NEW POLISH SERIES and AWAY FORM THE CENTER – SERIES SITES. The former will take a look at upcoming productions, the latter will present locations whose communities and atmosphere have become the basis for famous series productions.

Alicja Gancarz (movie channels director, CANAL+) will present what a good pitching process should be about – how to present your idea for a film or a series to potential producers, what aspects should be emphasized when presenting the idea, and what mistakes should be avoided. The topic of the new wave of series and unusual inspirations for their creators, going far beyond the popular remakes or reboots, will be discussed during the PATENT FOR A SERIES lecture broadcast on the platform and SerialCon’s Facebook Fanpage.

On the third day in the Film City at Szczepanski Square WELCOME TO THE OFFICE will take place. Michał Oleszczyk, Łukasz Sychowicz, Kornelia Strzelecka and Dorota Kośmicka-Gacke will talk about the making and format of the upcoming Polish version of the popular sitcom THE OFFICE – THE OFFICE PL. The broadcast of the panel will be available on SerialCon's Facebook Fanpage. On the same Fanpage, as well as on the Player platform, you will be able to listen to a conversation with the cast members of the series: “Szadź” and “Nieobecni”, including Maciej Stuhr and Piotr Głowacki. The panel is entitled: GENRE IMPURITY 

On the fourth day we will have a Facebook broadcast of a panel devoted to female characters - SUPERHEROINES, which will be co-created by, among others: Joanna Brodzik, Olga Bołądź and Maja Ostaszewska.

The topic of the first day's adaptations will be developed further, touching upon the themes of series BASED ON true stories. It will mainly focus on the series “Pajęczyna” and “Skazana”. It will be broadcast on the platform.

The last day of the festival will also bring some important topics - CHANGES IN THE VOD MARKET IN POLAND, which will be attended by editors of the website. They will talk about the new content streaming giants bypassing our country, which changes the balance of power in our market.

GOOD LOCATION is another talk on how important the choice of locations, objects and local stories are in creating a world made up for a series. The topic will be approached from a different angle by: Miłosława Bożek, Magdalena Stępień and Maciej Stasierski. Both panels will be broadcast on the official SerialCon Fanpage.

As part of the broadcast on the Player platform, viewers will also be able to watch the lecture entitled: THE POLISH IN A FOREIGN SERIES. About stereotypes and associations that appear in productions outside our country, in which our compatriots appear.

The on-line events are completely free of charge. However, since the number of places for the workshops on the first and second day is limited, it is subject to prior registration.  

Text author
Maciej Maj (transl. Zofia Januszewska-Rusinek)