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The International Festival of Independent Cinema Mastercard OFF CAMERA for the 14th time is going to gather thousands of viewers at the cinemas and squares in Krakow and in front of the screens all over Poland The first few days of this unforgettable experience make for the perfect time to get to know the Festival better. Here are the 14 facts about OFF CAMERA that everybody should know.


  1. The Heart of the Festival

All the festival guests are invited not only to the cinemas but also to the Festival Center. This year the heart of OFF CAMERA will be beating in the Malopolska Garden of Art at Rajska Street, in the very center of Krakow. 

  1. Festival Sections

The audience of the fourteenth edition of the festival will have a chance to see 10 film sections with over 50 independent productions. Apart from the Main Competition "Making Way", Polish Feature Film Competition and well known "American Indies" and "Panorama", we have prepared film sections such as "Different Shades of Crisis", "Love on the Brain", "Nordic Horizons" and "Freedom, Equality, Solidarity" created in cooperation with SEXED.PL.

  1. Outdoor Cinema

As in previous years, the festival's screenings will be complemented by outdoor screenings. This year, the whole area of Krakow has become the space for independent cinema - we will meet in front of the screen at Wolnica Square, Podgórski Square, and Szczepanski Square. Do not miss the opportunity to attend atmospheric screenings at the Cinema on the Barge and unique Car Cinema screenings.

  1. Attractions of the Film City 

The Film City is returning to Szczepanski Square in all its glory after a year's break. You can relax in the Chill Zone, take a photo in the photo booth, take part in competitions, and even get vaccinated! Of course, you cannot forget about the interviews with festival guests, Olivier Janiak will be there every day at 4 p.m.

  1. The Stars of the Festival 

Speaking of the OFF CAMERA guests, it is worth mentioning that there are almost as many of them as there are festival films – nearly 50! Among them there are Polish and foreign actors, directors and filmmakers and members of the Main Competition Jury - Tomasz Wasilewski, Gemma Jackson and Lee Magiday. 

  1. USD 25,000!

The competition juries this year have really high prizes to give out. The Main Competition jury will award the Krakow Film Award of USD 25,000. The main prize in the competition for Polish movies - Dominika Kulczyk Productions – is PLN 100,000. So there is a lot to fight for! Polish movies will be judged by: Fiona Weir, Helena Coan and Tonia Mishiali. 

  1. Surprises

Festival organizers have prepared unique surprises for the audience. The most interesting surprises await the users of  the payment cards of Mastercard – our sponsor. They will help you to bypass the queues to buy tickets, get discounts for festival shows and even take part in special screenings.

  1. For Series Fans

Serial fans certainly do not need to be reminded of the attractions that await them at SerialCon. However, it is worth mentioning that SerialCon events will also take place at the Film City on Szczepanski Square. Feel welcome to join discussions, meetings, specialist workshops, and - of course – to watch the newest productions together!

  1. The Ins and Outs of the Cinema

Those interested in what happens to a film before it hits the screens certainly will not be disappointed by the PRO INDUSTRY events taking place September 7th-9th. It is worth checking out the Potocki Palace, where professionals and anyone interested in the secrets of the international film industry will have panel discussions and meetings, including a networking brunch.

  1. The Sounds of the Festival

The OFF Stage has been an inseparable part of the Festival for years. During the 14th edition of the OFF CAMERA Festival, you will get the chance to experience the musical sensations inside the newly formed HOL club on September 6th - 12th. There is also a special gift prepared for the OFF Stage fans - the festival playlist, which you can already listen to on Spotify. 

  1. No One Is an Island

No one is an island, everything is interconnected - that is exactly what the creators of the project "Connections - No One Is an Island" strive to prove. The interactive exhibition presents a global journey through the emotions of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. On September 7th and 8th, Festival attendees will have the opportunity to become part of this ever-evolving work.

  1. Film Emotions Wherever You Are

Although after last year's restrictions the Festival returned to Krakow's urban space, you can still become a part of it anywhere in Poland. All thanks to the PLAY KRAKOW platform, which provides access to selected films from the three festival sections.

  1. Volunteers

Just like every year, the organization of the Festival is actively supported by volunteers working in 15 different departments - from the Cinema Service and Sales, through the Film City, to the TV Festival and Editorial Office. About 150 volunteers contribute to the 14th edition of Mastercard OFF CAMERA. 

  1. The Colors of OFF CAMERA

Of course, the festival could not do without its visual identification, which we can admire both online and in the city space. This year's author is - as every year - Tomek Kuczma, a Warsaw-based designer. 


You already know the 14 most important facts about the Festival - those inquisitive are welcome to visit the OFF Camera website for more information - so you can move to the theater of your favorite cinema or other festival spaces. Celebrate independent cinema with us in Krakow and on-line, wherever you are. 

Text author
Gabriela Mynarska (transl. Zofia Januszewska-Rusinek)