Volunteer’s duties

Every volunteer will work in a given section, according to a schedule and under the supervision of the coordinator. As volunteers you should be mindful of the positive image of the Festival and help all the guests, participants and organizers.

Benefits of volunteering at NETIA OFF CAMERA

Volunteering isn’t all work. Being a volunteer at the NETIA Off Camera Festival gives you an opportunity to meet interesting filmmakers and participate in a number of lectures, discussion panels and accompanying events. Every volunteer gets personal identification for admittance to festival screenings after working hours.


After the festival, every volunteer can receive a certificate confirming their contribution. Moreover, volunteering work may count as your student internship, and some of the volunteers will be provided with personal references.





Technical Department

Volunteers in this department will help with setting up the Festival Centre and the technical preparation of the Festival. We’re looking for people who like physical work. The volunteers will help before and after the Festival.

Special Events

OFF CAMERA focuses not only on movies, but also numerous events around the Festival: galas, banquets and workshops. This department will help with these events, so good organizational skills are a must.


Strength and perseverance are the two main virtues needed from the volunteers in this department. This is where you can assist in creation of the technical and visual side of the Festival.


Every year the Festival co-operates with numerous Krakow cinemas. Preparing the screening rooms, issuing tickets and announcing the films are just some of the duties of this department.

OFF Stage

The musical section of the Festival also needs volunteers to help organize concerts and take care of the musicians who come to Krakow for the Festival. The volunteers from this department will staff the Festival Club.

Festival Centre

Being communicative and open are the basic characteristics required in this department. The Festival Centre will be visited every day by a number of guests looking for information about the Festival and accompanying events. If you like to be in a constant contact with people, you’re what we’re looking for!

Editorial Office

If you like to write and you’re good at it, this is the department you’re looking for. Your duties will include, among others, editing texts, searching for information and reporting on the festival events. Creativity and a command of style are required; in return we are offering an opportunity to practice your journalistic skills.

Press Office

Media are an integral part of any event, also at the OFF CAMERA Festival. The responsibility of the volunteer will include providing journalistic accreditations and preparing schedules for interviews.

Guests Department

Every year the Festival is visited by guests from Poland and around the world, so a good knowledge of foreign languages is required to work in this department. Every volunteer from this department will have an assigned guest/guests, whom they will guide and take care of during their stay in Krakow.

Sonia Jędryczko

volounteer coordinator