Julian is in hell on earth—a Dominican prison. The only way to survive is to quickly find allies. Out of all the possibilities, he comes up with something extremely original—becoming a sort of messenger. But it has nothing to do with drug deals; it consists of communicating with the neighboring women’s prison, and specifically with Yanelly, the ex-partner of his prison “protector”. At the risk of harsh punishment, Julian establishes contact with her. There’s quite a physical distance between them, not to mention prison bars, so the communication takes place without words, using a peculiar, improvised body language, a mixture of sign language and pantomime. Julian soon starts to go beyond the scope of his task, forming a dangerous emotional connection with Yanelly. José María Cabral’s film proves that true love knows no bounds, and often comes when we least expect it. The prison and its dire conditions are only the backdrop for an original story about budding feelings, jealousy, revenge and the fact that love is no picnic.

  • director: José María Cabral, José María Cabral
  • DoP: Hernan Herrera
  • cast: Ramón Emilio Candelario, Jean Jean, Mario Nunez, Manuel Raposo, Judith Rodriguez Perez
  • duration: 109 min
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