Whatever Works

The main character is Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David), a cynical and mean 60-yeard old New Yorker – the archetype of Allen’s cinema. Neurotic, hypochondriac and intelligent in one, a man whose greatest interest is death – the only certainty he sees in a random world. The retired physician one day stumbles upon the young Melody (Evan Rachel Wood), who is running away from her little home town in Mississippi into the embrace of the Big Apple – a place of dreams and possibilities. Boris decides to take care of her and, in a spontaneous wave of empathy, offers her a place to sleep. The hard-working girl soon gets a job as a dog-walker and meets a handsome actor. However, Melody is also in love with her savior who impresses  her with his maturity and intellect. At the same time, the young girl brings back the will to live in Boris. Pigmallion’s role will prove attractive for Boris until the day when Melody’s parents pop in with a surprise visit. As we will see, the liberal New York will have a huge effect on declared conservatists and their hearts. A film full of funny surprises is the perfect treat for fans of Allen’s humor.

  • director: Woody Allen
  • script: Woody Allen
  • DoP: Harris Savides
  • cast: Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson, Henry Cavill
  • duration: 88 min
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