The Eyes of My Mother

To Francisca, her mother is everything. She’s the one who teaches the young girl everything she needs to know about the world around her. That all changes when a mysterious man turns up in the neighborhood. Francisca witnesses a brutal crime, which on the one hand leaves her deeply traumatized, but on the other stimulates her latent curiosity. The death of her mother becomes a pivotal point in the formation of Francisca's character: after the tragic events, Francisca's father becomes apathetic and essentially withdraws from his role as a parent. Growing up, Francisca is filled with a lust for revenge; she redefines the very concept of family and friendship, pushing it in a very dangerous direction. Nicolas Pesce's black and white debut brings to mind the poetics of nightmares. Austere framing and minimalistic acting create a stifling atmosphere and heighten the sense of anxiety. It’s a disquieting story of trauma, isolation and loneliness.

Music: Ariel Loh

Awards: Fantastic Cinema Festival - Best Feature Film, Best Directing, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing

  • director: Nicolas Pesce
  • script: Nicolas Pesce
  • production: Zach Kuperstein
  • cast: Kika, Magalhaes, Diana Agostini, Olivia Bond, Will Brill, Joey Curtis-Green
  • duration: 76 min
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