The End of the Tour

A snippet of time in the life of one of the most important American writers of the last 30 years, David Foster Wallace. James Ponsoldt focuses on just a few days at the end of the 1996 book tour for Wallace’s most important work, Infinite Jest. This is when aspiring writer and Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky is scheduled to interview him.  For five days he travels with Wallace to official events like Q&A sessions as well as private ones, trying to get to know him more fully. The writer is as enigmatic as he is complicated, and quite a few myths swirl around him. The two men form an unusual bond: on the one hand it’s based on rivalry and a need to impress each another; on the other it’s an attempt to build trust between two essentially lonely human beings. The End of the Tour is a low-key, intimate story about a great character that will definitely make viewers unfamiliar with Wallace’s work want to catch up on it.

Music: Danny Elfman

Awards: Sarasota Film Festival - Audience Award

  • director: James Ponsoldt
  • script: Donald Margulies
  • DoP: Jakob Ihre
  • cast: Joan Cusack, Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Segel, Anna Chlumsky, Mamie Gummer
  • duration: 106 min
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