The Demons

Acclaimed Canadian documentary filmmaker Philippe Lesage chose the outskirts of Montreal as the location for his narrative feature debut. The area’s inconspicuousness stands in perfect contrast with the film's tense, charged atmosphere. The protagonist is Felix, a ten-year-old boy who stands out from his peers in a lot of ways. While the other kids are busy playing and pulling innocent pranks, Felix sees the reality around him in darker tones. Somewhat withdrawn, he takes his fears and frustrations out on kids that are weaker than him. His problems stem from his difficult home situation as well as his hopeless infatuation with a young teacher. His increasingly psychotic thinking is made worse when he hears about a kidnapper on the prowl in the area. Lesage presents the world thorough the eyes of a person who, while not yet physically mature, is certainly not a child anymore. The Demons is a dark, atmospheric tale about growing up, the irreversible loss of innocence and the titular demons who torment us all.

  • director: Philippe Lesage
  • script: Philippe Lesage
  • DoP: Nicolas Canniccioni
  • cast: Édouard Tremblay-Grenier, Pier-Luc Funk, Vassili Schneider, Sarah Mottet, Laurent Lucas
  • duration: 118 min
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