Paris Can Wait

Anna’s life has ground to a halt. Her teenage daughter has flown the nest to go to college and she’s started feeling lonely. Particularly since her husband, a work-obsessed film director, is pretty much a guest in their home. During one of his business trips, Anna has an opportunity to go to Paris with her husband’s friend and business partner. The trip, which would normally take a couple of hours, somehow keeps getting longer. A series of fascinating attractions characteristic of the particular region keep popping up along the way. Beautiful landscapes, delicious food and equally good wine start to have an effect on the two characters in this warm story of waking up from apathy to live life to its fullest. In her narrative feature debut, Eleanor Coppola (incidentally Francis Ford Coppola’s wife) uses the road movie formula to show that it’s never too late to start living by your own rules.  Charming, subtle and exhilarating.

Music: Laura Karpman

  • director: Eleanor Coppola
  • script: Eleanor Coppola
  • DoP: Crystel Fournier
  • cast: Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin, Arnaud Viard, Cédric Monnet
  • duration: 92 min
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