One Floor Below

Patrascu is a staid middle-aged man living in central Bucharest who divides his time between steady work, his family and walking his dog. In a word, he’s inconspicuous. One day he happens to hear a furious fight taking place behind closed doors in an apartment below him. He doesn’t realize how serious the fight’s consequences will be: it leads to the death of his neighbor Laura. The investigation and questioning of neighbors begins and the police are unable to determine whether the incident was a murder or merely an accident. The one person who could shed light on the matter is Patrascu. He has to decide whether to get involved, jeopardizing his serenity, or to keep quiet. Like other films of the Romanian New Wave, Radu Munteana’s One Floor Below is based on a simple concept: a character has to make an important moral choice. Guilt and fear of interfering with the status quo are the main obstacles to taking action. The film isn’t about determining who committed the murder—the only mystery is what course of action Patrascu will take.

Music: Electric Brother

Awards: RiverRun IFF - Best Director, Best Screenplay, Seville EFF - Best Actor (Teodor Corban), Best Screenplay

  • director: Radu Muntean
  • script: Radu Muntean, Alexandru Baciu, Razvan Radulescu
  • DoP: Tudor Lucaciu
  • cast: Ionut Bora, Liviu Cheloiu, Calin Chirila, Teodor Corban, Constantin Dita
  • duration: 93 min
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