A subtle story of alienation and loneliness, written and directed by Kogonada, a Korean-born American filmmaker. 19-year-old Casey is temporarily working at a local library and tries to live a peaceful life. She has abandoned her college dreams to look after her mother, a recovering drug addict with a habit of getting involved with dangerous men. One day she meets Jin, a translator of American literature almost twenty years her senior. He has come to Columbus, Indiana to visit his father who used to be a university professor—now he’s in the hospital, in a coma and in critical condition. Unexpectedly for both Casey and Jin, they gradually start to open up to each other; for the first time in a long time these two lost souls speak honestly about their fears, desires and obsessions. Their platonic relationship eventually reveals new emotional dimensions and modes of experiencing the reality around them. Jin’s father’s assistant, played by Parker Posey, watches all of this closely. The leisurely rhythm of Kogonda’s movie conveys to the audience the fascinating ordinariness of everyday life in the titular town. The director juxtaposes stills of nature with close ups of the urban architecture that his characters often discuss in an effort to withstand the relentless passing of time.

Music: Hammock

  • director: Kogonada
  • script: Kogonada
  • DoP: Elisha Christian
  • cast: Erin Allegretti, John Cho, Rory Culkin, Jim Dougherty, Michelle Forbes
  • duration: 100 min
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Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Germany/2015