What awaits us today?
Krakow once again has become the capital of television series. Canal+ SerialCon is in full swing, and with the event come incredible discussions about the small screen. How to plan your day? After the day of tv series excitement, what to see in the cinema? Today's must-see is brought to you by our programmer, Grzegorz Stępniak. See you in the cinemas!
What awaits us today?

Canal+ SerialCon is going strong – join all the attendees at MOS and meet with teh panelists, fans, academics, critics, and all those who want to expand their televisual horizons. Keep in mind all the workshops, for example those on screenwriting and tv criticism. Do you love Polish tv shows? You must join us at the panel on evolution of Polish series. And all those who would like to rub elbows with the stars, there's a meeting with the Belle Epoque cast and crew, and Q&A with Marcin Czarnik from The Artists. We don't want you to get lost in all that's on offer, so we've made you a must-see list: See out #Top10 Canal+ Serial Con and don't miss a thing!

But Netia Off Camera is, as always, all about the cinema. Among today's offerings we want you to pay attention to Man Underground, featuring a Q&A after the screening. It's also one of the first chances to see Jan Kidawa Błonski's Gwiazdy (Stars). The screening is also accompanied by a Q&A. What else is worth your attention? Our programmer Grzegorz Stępniak chose 3 he recommends today.

#1 São Jorge, dir. Marco Martins

Though Marco Martin's film takes place in Portugal, it is universal well beyond its porders. Lowkey story about consequences of the deep economic crisis on the protagonist's family was one of the highlights of the last Venice Film Festival.

Pod Baranami Cinema, 12:45.

#2 In Between, dir. Maysaloun Hamoud  

This directorial debut is a strong voice on the subject of women's rights in the face of cultural limits. The illusion of urban freedom and the identity crises mesh with the interesting form and amazing soundtrack.

 MOS Cinema, 8:30pm.        

#3 Piuma, dir. Roan Johnson

In this unplanned-pregnancy story there's a lot of mutual regret, but also a lot of comedy. The film takes place over nine months, as the young protagonists get a crash course in growing up. This Italian answer to Juno definitely leaves you in a great mood.

Pod Baranami Cinema, 9:30pm

Kuba Armata
Angelika Pitoń